Baker Consulting Associates



The foundation for creating value for your business is effective due diligence.  The nature of BCA’s research is contingent on your industry, your presence/visibility in the current marketplace, where you are in the life cycle of your business and what research you already have on hand.

Strategies and tactics that are grounded in research work better than cookie-cutter consulting techniques that end up as reports on a shelf gathering dust. Whether you need re-branding, training, technology integration, communication planning or operational assistance, understanding you, your customers or clients, and your competitors is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. 

We’ve found from experience that this process saves clients money by focusing on isolating key questions, eliminating non-essential elements and providing clear achievable objectives for our partnership.

Beyond the direct benefits of our research into your industry, our clients have access to a database of articles, studies and helpful reports that can improve every aspect of their business.